WhosComing Help
Trouble loggin in

If you are already in the system, and can't remember your passcode, there are two solutions.

1. Go into your emails and find a recent confirmation or reminder from an event here. There will be a link in that email which will bring you back to this site, and automatically log you in without you having to enter your password. Then, if you like, click the User Details link next to your name and change your passcode (same as a password) to something you will remember.

2. (If you do not save your emails) Click "Log in", and then click "Click here to have it emailed to you". Enter your last name. The system looks up all people with that last name and returns a list. Find your name, and click your email address to have the password emailed to you. Go to your email, and even though your password will be sent, so will a link to automatically log you in, as in solution #1 above. NOTE: after you enter your last name, you will still have to click on your email address to have the email sent. This is because it is possible for there to be more than one name returned, and also to show you which email is on file.

If by some chance the email shown is no longer in use, please ask the host of this particular WhosComing space to edit your record for you. (You do not need a working email to log in; you just need your correct password OR a link in an earlier email. You can update your email address in the User Details once you are logged in.)

NOTE: When you log in, a cookie is set on the particular computer and browser you are using. Unless you log out, delete cookies or change computer or browser, you will remain logged in and not even have to enter a password. Also, just so you know, multiple people can be logged in at the same time, if you share a computer with a spouse or coworker for instance.

If you've read this far congratulations. One more thing. Please be careful to enter your email address correctly. If you make a typo, you will never get an email from the system, and therefore, never get the automatic login link, nor a way to retrieve your password. And no confirmations or reminders, either. You will have to bother the event host to help you out, and the idea behind this site is to alleviate the host of unnecessary back and forth emails.