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44th Annual 3D-Con

2018 3D-Con

July 17-23, 2018
all day, Tuesday-Monday

Reservation deadline: Thu, Jul 12, 2018Cancellation deadline: Thu, Jul 12, 2018
Reserve early; prices rise Fri, Jun 15, 2018

Registration is now closed for this event.
2018 3D-Con


• $120 - Full Convention Registration

• $30 - Single Day Wednesday

• $50 - Single Day Thursday

• $50 - Single Day Friday

• $50 - Single Day Saturday

• free - Single Day Sunday

• $28 - Thursday SSA Dinner

• $65 - Saturday NSA Awards Banquet

• $70 - Exc. #1 - Tour Around Cleveland (Tue 8:30 AM)

• $30 - Exc. #2 - 3D @ Capitol Theatre (Wed 4:30 PM

• $40 - Exc. #3 - Dinner with the Fishes (Sun 6:00 PM)

• $65 - Exc. #4 - Rocking the North Shore (Mon 9:30 AM)

2018 NSA Convention Registration

Last day to register online is July 11. After that you will have to register on-site.

Please use this form for general registration. Trade Fair registration is here.

Each person needs to submit their own form, just as it is with our paper forms. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal. PayPal is simply a credit card processor (the NSA is the one with the PayPal account). You will use your credit card just like you would anywhere else on the internet. Payment in Advance means that you will mail a check in.

Please visit the convention website, 3D-Con.com, where you can see the full schedule and all details.

Make your hotel reservation at our special NSA reservation page.

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Event location   MAP
Embassy Suites by Hilton Cleveland-Rockside
5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard
Independence, OH 44131

2018 3D-Con
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