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Ventura Gem & Mineral Society

Calico Area
for Silver Lace Onyx
Petrified Palm Root

Saturday, Nov 18, 2023
9 am

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Calico - Silver Lace Onyx, Petrified Palm Root

This trip will be lead by Chuck Borchart. We will be leaving at 9am from the large dirt parking area on the north side of the 15 Fwy at the Yermo off ramp (short way east of Barstow). This is actually Calico Rd, where Eddie World is located, but coming from the west the off ramp just says “Yermo”. Remember; meet on the north side of the Fwy just past the west bound off ramp.

The Silver Lace Onyx is located on a relatively steep rock tailing pile so it’s just a matter of pulling aside the wrong rocks and looking for the right rocks. I recommend having a backpack for this area, since a bucket can be kind of hard to balance on the slope and carry down. The Petrified Palm Root site is on a lightly sloping hillside right by the road and will require light digging to find. There is also nice agate to be found here. You should bring along a short handled shovel and of course your rock hammer and a bucket to carry away your goodies.

A 4 wheel drive vehicle is not necessary, however a high clearance vehicle is highly recommended since there can be some heavy rutting in the roads.

Bring along: Gloves, good sturdy shoes, plenty of water, food, sunblock, good coverage hat, and plenty of energy!

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