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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I make my own changes?
  • Actually, this is the way it is designed to work. Although we are more than happy to answer questions and help, it is completely self-serve. That means you can set up your RSVP site at 3 a.m. on a holiday weekend, and be ready to take reservations within 30 minutes. (See the next FAQ if you would like us to completely set it up for you.)
    Can you set this up for me?
  • The system is meant to be self serve, and you shouldn't have any trouble setting it up. However, people are busy, and if you want us to do it for you, we can do that for $100 per event. Also, when we do the setup, we will make sure the text is grammatically correct. In addition, we may ask you a few questions to make sure the information is clear and complete. (NOTE: You will still be in charge of interfacing with your guests, and you'll receive the confirmation emails. The custom setup is only to configure your form.) To request us to do your setup, just email us through the contact form and we'll take care of you.
    Can I keep a record of past attendees?
  • Yes, guests are remembered in your own database. The next time they sign up for one of your events, their information is automatically filled in, so all they have to do is click the register button.
    Are there fees involved for collecting money?
  • If collecting money via PayPal, whether the guest uses a credit card or their own PayPal funds, there is a fee levied by PayPal that varies from 1%-3% according to how much volume you do. This is comparable to having your own merchant account, but without any other bank fees or monthly charges.
    Do I have to have a PayPal account to collect money?
  • Yes, to use PayPal's services, you will need a Business PayPal account. If you don't have one, follow this link to get started: sign up for PayPal. A PayPal account is typically tied to your checking account. You then move the PayPal funds into this account. The debit card tied to your checking account will serve to lift PayPal withdrawal limits. (You'll find out more about that once you take out your PP account.)
    I need a new PayPal account for my events, but I already have a personal account.
  • PayPal only allows an email address to be tied to one PayPal account, so yes, this is an issue for many organizations needing its own PayPal account. It's easy to get around this by creating a or other freemail account.
    What happens after the event is over?
  • The administrator can still look at the list of attendees and analyze the data gathered. In addition, if you decide to hold another event, simply use the RENEW link in the admin area. You will retain the same URL and build on the database of users already established. If your new event is similar to the previous event, you will be able to clone it to save time.
    If I have my own merchant account, are the credit cards processed online in real time?
  • The credit card information is collected through a secure, encrypted (SSL) connection, and saved to a file on the server. You will then download or view the file through an encrypted (SSL) connection to deal with in your usual manner. Real-time processing involves a special setup with your merchant account and an online processor. However, we will be happy to set this up using, for an additional fee, if you will be using WhosComing on an ongoing basis.
    What if invitees bring a guest or two?
  • This is fine, but they still need to fill out a separate registration for each member of their party. The system tallies up the total number of people, the meal choices, and other data. It can't do that if additional guests are buried in the notes of the primary guest. Doing so defeats the purpose of using a database to add and subtotal data.
    What if people don't use a computer, or won't take the time to use this system?
  • The administrator should enter these names in themselves (using the same form everyone else uses) to maintain a proper headcount and accurate list of names. Even after the cutoff date, the administrator can enter a new name. If the guest has no email, enter 'none'. If you find that some people are just too lazy to use the form, perhaps a gentle appeal in your newsletter or event literature will bring them on board. Point out that not only does it save time, but it assures that their reservation is not lost or forgotten.
    Can I download the list of names and the particulars?
  • Absolutely! You can download this list as an Excel file or as a tab-delimited text file at any time, and import it into any database, spreadsheet, or word processor to generate a check-off list, to make nametags, or to design placecards for the table. TIP: If a meal choice is involved, you can indicate the meal on the placecard too.

    Collecting the email list is even easier. It is provided as simple copy and paste data.
    What does the reminder email say?
  • It has a standard message with the date and location, but the coordinator can also insert their own message if they wish. by default, the email goes out a few days prior to the event, but this is editable as well. The reminder email only goes out once.
  • No ads! No popups!
  • Straightforward and easy
    Guests can:
  • See all of your events on one page
  • See a summary of each event
  • Make a reservation online
  • Pay with a credit card (fees apply)
  • Pay with PayPal funds (fees apply)
  • Pay at the door, or by mail
  • See who else is coming
  • Come back later to edit or cancel
  • View a map of the location
    Host can:
  • Define the questions and choices
  • List concurrent events
  • Take credit card payment
  • Limit the number of reservations taken
  • Specify cutoff dates
  • Raise the price on specified date
  • Provide an event summary
  • Customize the confirmation email message
  • View statistics of your questions
  • View statistics of payments
  • Enter guests yourself
  • Download guest list to make badges, sign-in sheet, etc.
  • Accumulate a rich database of event attendees
  • Choose from dozens of color schemes
  • Add events on an a la carte basis
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  • Single event, $24.95
  • Multiple events on one account, $24.95 each
  • Unlimited use, $249/year
  • Custom Setup, $150

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